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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

“MOMENTUM” My Running Club.

One of my goals this year was to start running so I could compete in a 5 K and 10 K Marathon. The first thing I had to do was go buy running shoes.  I went to a running store and tried on several pairs until I found the perfect shoe for my feet. I ended up with Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11.  This is a great running shoe and also a great gym shoe. Good support, padding where it really counts, great lift off and made well.  I really like these running shoes and they cost $105.00 + tax.  I purchases some running socks as well as some Lululemon running gear.
I didn’t want to start running alone for the first time, so I my thoughts were to join a running group. I no longer thought this, when my local Lululemon store read my mind and announced the start of a running club, so I joined immediately, and we run every Tuesday night. I have to say I really enjoy my running club, I enjoy running now and I didn’t think I actually would. I am still new at it and have not run alone yet or in the day time, but I plan to.
 The first night I ran with about 10 people, I had to stop and walk some. I was not used to running and didn’t think I could keep up without passing out.  Two very experienced runners came to my aid and walked and ran with me the rest of the run. I felt good at this point, but knew I would be sore the next day.
The following day my butt and thighs felt like I was hit by a Mac truck. I was so sore and my hip flexors were hurting as well. I soon found out this is normal when running for the first time, and the pain went away in a couple of days. I went to the gym the next day as well, to work through the pain.
My second week running, the run club brought in a very experienced Triathlon runner to help us with techniques, our form and to answer any questions we had.  I ran three miles that night without stopping. I was so proud of myself and so was the team.  I finally did it. I can run with my group and didn’t stop to walk. I don’t run fast like most professional experienced long time runners do, but I can do it.
My next running post will be with I finish my first 5 K. Stay tuned.

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  1. I bet you could do a 5K right now. I'm so proud of you, Honey. :)


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