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Sunday, October 3, 2010

How I got started losing weight and Finally winning the battle of Obesity

Thin Little Fat Girl:
I am Lynn Dieterle. Birth name S/Cheryl Lynn Williams. (When I was young, I didn’t like the “S” in my name, so I started using a “C”, then after a while, i didn't like the name Cheryl at all, so I had it legally changed to Lynn).  I was born on November 24, 1964 in the Northwest area of the United States.  I had/have a disease, it’s called Obesity. Here is my weight loss story of how I lost 150lbs without weight loss surgery and how I’ve kept if off for almost 8 years.  I did this ALL on my own with strict diet, exercise, consistency, determination, and a fear of dying young with heart disease.
Lose weight or die? Well if that is not a motivator to lose weight, I don’t know what else is...
I have been overweight my whole life. I went from the womb to having HUGE boobs and a monthly period? In 3rd grade my boobs were about 36 c. By the time I was in the sixth grade, my boobs were 42DDD/EE, my waist was 34 inches, and my legs were so big they rubbed together to the knee. I wore jeans out in less a 1 month. My foot was a size 9, and my finger size was 10. I was almost 5’3 inches tall and weighed 180lbs.…Thank God,  I was born in America or I would of ended up with 16 babies in a third world country. For that matter, I could have fed the whole village. I was pretty athletic as a kid, always playing some ball sport of some kind; softball, kickball, volleyball, football, etc. then I got into soccer and the weight gain got worse from there. My calf’s got so big they shot up to 20 + inches in diameter. My boobs got even bigger to the point; I had to stop playing sports. No sports bras of any kind or really good support bras were available in the early 70’s. I was teased all the time mostly by boys about my big legs, and boobs; even teased by my family. It really hurt my feeling a lot, and I ended up weighing as heavy as 280lbs at one point in my life. It made me hate myself even more. I just got fatter and fatter. One day I found out about diet pills or speed, whatever we could get our hands on at the time. That led to the constant roller coaster ride of dieting, binge eating, gorging, purging, and drinking, dieting, losing, gaining weight, etc. etc. The never ending desire to be thin: If I could not be all one color, then can I at least be thin…God Please! Please help me to be thin. Thinner, thinner, that’s all I ever wanted along with a college degree.   I’ll do anything to be thin..Even the cries for help didn’t stop me from gaining weight. It made me eat even more.
The doctors at the time were just as stupid. They would say stupid stuff like: Just stop eating so much, put the fork down or can’t you just walk away? Oh! Okay. Problem solved. Another stupid ass doctor puts me on a 2500 calorie diet and I get big as a house? No one knew at the time about nutrition or healthy eating, and if they did, no one was sharing it. Fast food places, restaurants, etc were starting to come into the picture rapidly. We had no 24 hrs nothing except 7-11, hospitals, police stations, and fire houses.  Gas stations even closed at a certain time.  Then all of a sudden, I remember the very first McDonalds, Jack in the box, etc. Grocery stores were staying open till 10pm, then midnight, then BOOM, 24 HR EVERYTHING. 
I didn’t truly understand what was really keeping me so heavy, fat, and obese. I didn’t really eat a lot I thought, BUT I really did. I hid my emotions behind food, hid my secrets, my hatred, my sinful nature, my kid fears, etc.  I would have seconds and third helpings of food. Which were high carb, high fat, and high sugar. I had no healthy food choices, and I hardly exercised. I got too big to exercise.  I didn’t care what I ate, I just ate it.  It was comfort food. It was always there for me; it never yelled at me, never told me I was ugly, never laughed at me, never hit me or called me fatty, ugly, disgusting names; or some other slang word for being fat. Food was my pillow and blanket. It became my best friend that, in the end would slowly but surely kill me by me eating one calorie at a time too many. I really didn’t have a clue.


  1. Hey Lynn! This is amber L your from the LLL facebook site! Congratulations on starting a blog and sharing your story!!! Takes some courage but you will help others I am sure. You know I have similar history to you - was really big as a kid, and can so relate to how hard that was, and all the teasing....I lost weight, gained some back, lost it again. Like you, I am slim now....(but I do worry, can I gain it all back???) Well, we have lots in common!!! Would love to hear more about what you do day-to-day to keep yourself nice to have coonected with you!! Contratulations on your life changing acheivements!!! ( I am so happy as I think I am the first one to comment on your wonderful new blog!!!)

  2. The blog looks great, Honey. :) Love you!

  3. Day to day Workout routines and diet plans are coming. keep checking back.

  4. Hi Lynn! Wow. Your story is so inspiring. I just got home and can't wait to sit down and read the new posts. It is people like you that remind us all the power of perseverance and to never say never. You amaze me =) Amy

  5. Hi Lynn,
    Thank you for you blog, its awesome to know that there are people out there that face the same struggles as I still do! I on the other hand are too chicken to put my feelings into a blog, I wish I had your courage. For most of my life I have been overweight and used different techiniques to lose weight but I would just put it back on, I too would eat because it would comfort me. I really believe that your blog will inspire me to lose weight and to finally keep it off. Thank you for being so raw and honest and you definitely are an inspiration to people around the world!

  6. Great job! do you have any tips or advice for a person who needs to lose weight but is 'suffering' from a serious lack of motivation for the work?

  7. Hey Lynn,
    This is Gurpreet. you inspire me and I am so proud of you. Good you started blog.

  8. Gurpreet, you have been with me through all my weight loss. I love you! so much for sticking by me all these years, fat or thin. It means the world to me, knowing you are truly my special friend. Thank you so much Gurpreet.!

  9. nonsense.who said in all third world countries,they have babies like animals.if u dont know anything about some of them then dont talk about from Africa,Ghana to be precise.majority here wait,get an education,get good jobs,marry then start having their own families.just reading to that point annoyed me and i stopped reading whatever u had to time choose your words wisely.


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