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Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Diet that started it all.

The Diet:
I overheard a co-worker talking about the Adkins diet vs. South Beach and asked if they worked. I was told yes. I got the Adkins book, and South Beach started to read and realized what the books were talking about and how to cut calories, cut bad cards, replace with good carbs. It took me a minute but I figured it out.  I can lose weight eating lean meat, even bacon and eggs? And cheese? Veggies, small amounts of fruit and lose weight, Yea, right! Isn’t that what made me fat in the first place, Well, prove it I thought..
The only thing I did not do on Atkins was gorge on cheese as I have a hard time digesting most cheeses, and milk, so that was easy for me.  I was determined to win against the disease of OBESITY. I combined the best of both diets and lost the weight. I did have to take calcium supplements to replace the milk.  It was the toning of the skin that takes the longest and hardest to do. I took it way beyond Pluto!!
I got this drastic when I finally figured out how to beat OBESITY!  I cut out all breads, pastries, pastas, sugary products, not a heavy soda drinker, so that was easy, ALL fried foods, fast foods, certain red foods, all other foods that were not green, all cream sauces, soups, etc. ALL WHITE PRODUCTS.  Gave up corn, peas, anything in a box, top ramen, cup of noodles, STOP EATING OUT OF BOX.  I WENT THIS CRAZY. I started reading labels like mad, figuring out what words and ingredients really meant.  I stopped baking and doing the major cooking. I made all my breads and pastas from scratch. I put the machines away, told hubby I was sorry but I cannot eat that stuff anymore, or cook it for a while. Please take over cooking and please don’t make any breads, and if you bring home sweet goodies to please hide them from me for a while. etc. He did as he knew it was a deterrent in my weight loss. I have the best Husband in the world. Love you!
So together we started buying organic lean meats, fish, seafood accept shrimp, very high in veggies, avocadoes, almonds, walnuts, organic tomatoes, cucumbers, red, yellow, and orange peppers; started making my own hummus from scratch,  lean cheese only, no brie’s, no goudas-I love smoked Gouda, but had to surrender it, no blue cheese then, but a little bit I can have now, just a little jack, Swiss, provolone and Mozzarella, as I can digest them, Greek yogurt, eggs, real butter, real sugar just a little bit, olive oil even on salads. I use No salad dressings of any kind, full of fat.  I use real spices, a bit of salt, pepper.  I cut out fruit too but just for a little while as I started to lose weight. Sugar in fruit in the early stage of weight loss will not burn; well it didn’t for me anyhow, so you will end of storing it as fat, so you have to give it up for a little while. Slowly but surely I stared to add back in Fruit but only berries, melons, strawberries, mangoes.  I dropped 65 lbs in less than 6 months.
I didn’t do anything special but use this diet method. I pretty much follow the South Beach diet, better than Atkins to this very day. I never really went off stage one.  What happens in this stage as it the most crucial stage of all is we tend to want to see results in a week. NOPE. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Get over that and move on. It takes at least 3 wks or more for your body to start to react to the change you just gave it. You shocked it and now, if you stick with it you will see results. The weight will start to come off.  It took you years to put the fat/weight on; it will take you years to get the fat /weight off.  We will talk later about how to overcome re-bounding and plateauing.
For example: You have to eat the right foods and exercise 30 min or more almost daily to help speed up your metabolism, and lower/eliminate your high fat calorie intake. Replace high fat foods, breads, cereals, donuts, pancakes, all the goodies we love with, Low fat, low carbs, low to no cholesterol, low sugar foods.
A good healthly breakfast could consist of plain Greek yogurt, add fruit, or eat plain, an egg, cottage cheese if you can stand it, and or 1 or 2, slice of string cheese. One slice of whole wheat bread you can have after about 3-4 wks. High protein, low fat breakfast that will keep you going, keep burning the fat. Oatmeal is wonderful as well. Remember, we have to surrender some of the fattening foods we love to beat obesity, but if you follow my advice, I can show you how you can still enjoy some of those fattening goodies without putting the weight back on. That will come a bit later. So stay tuned.


  1. I am so glad facebook brought us together & we are now friends. You are a true inspiration & wonderful woman. Thanks :-)

  2. Thank you Nadine. I am so glad we found each other as well. Thank you for reading my blog.


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