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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Year 2005 to Present: Gym: 5 days a week.

Year 2005 to Present: Gym: 5 days a week.
Total body workout:
Over the next 2 years I lost another 20 lbs, and was spending my time at the gym by toning, toning, toning, and toning. I continued to take as many pilates classes as I could, while maintaining my strict diet & cardio workout.  I had to get this body to go back to what it never was. Skinny.  I stretched my skin out so far, I didn’t even think I could get it to snap back. Some areas are harder to snap back than others.  Arms, shoulders, and outer thighs, calves, ankles snap back pretty well. The inner thigh, and butt take more time and some resistance moves will be needed. I spend most of my free time working out. I work out an average of 5 days a week, 1.5 to 2 hrs at a time. 
Daily workout routine:
·       30 minutes intense cardio using the Pre-core Elliptical Machine: I set the machine for Weight loss: Add in my age, and weight for proper heart rate monitoring; set the cross ramp to 20, 8 to 10 resistance.(the cross ramp is set at the highest level, but that took a lot of  time to get to that level of fitness. It’s hard to push the resistance past 10 to be frankly honest. )
I use backward motion mostly on this machine. I go forward on the machine when I want to see what my heart rate is at. My basic heart rate averages 150-162 pretty consistently on this machine.  I use backward motion to help build the calf, butt, and top of thigh muscle; and you get an overall body workout that also works your arms and chest. This is the super body toner of machines. This machine is really all you need to get a toned body if used on a regular basis.
Remember being able to handle this amount of weight took me some time to get to. This didn’t happen overnight.
Start out with 5-20lbs weights until you get comfortable enough to push your body harder.  Work at your own pace.
·       85-90lbs abdominal crunches 50 reps x 2, sometimes 3
·       30 lbs of biceps, triceps, deltoids curls, 25 reps X2
·       35 lbs gluteus machine 25 reps X2
·       50 lbs of inner and outer thigh machine 25 repsX2
·       100-120lbs of leg bench presses 25 reps X2
·       If I feel like I am starting to get bored or I start to plateau, I will change up my work out. For example, I will get on the rowing machine 3000 strokes.I will run around the track for a quarter mile, get on the treadmill for a mile or two, and start to lifting weights.  Changing up your workout routine and diet, freaks out your body and you will continue to burn calories and still tone up. Keep challenging your body. You can do it.  Don’t let your body get used to the same ole routine. Keep changing, keep growing, and keep losing weight.
My goal is to never look like a body builder from the chest up.  But I do have to say, I have found muscles in my legs I didn’t know I had. My upper leg muscles popped and I love it. My calves are solid and when I flex my calves they look like they carved in stone. The fronts of my legs are solid as well. I will post pictures soon.  My chest, neck and arms have toned up really nicely. I work my arms to death though to get some definition. I no longer have a double chin. It just went away.   
Then: Year: 2002.
Height: 5’3: Wt: 280lbs: BMI:50: Pant size: 28: Tops=boobs Size: 24 or XXL (sometimes would still be tight) Bra: before breast reduction in 1988: 42 DDD/EE: After: 36 C. Foot size: 9, ring finger size: 10. This was my heaviest weight to date
Now: Year 2010.
HT: 5’3
WT: 130:
BMI: 22
Bust: 36 C
Hips: Very narrow
Pants/jeans size: 4
Dresses: Size 6-8
Tops: 8-10
Shoe: 8-8.5
Ring finger: 7
I am still shocked at what I was able to accomplish. It’s been almost 8 year since I started on my journey to be thin and I accomplished my goal and then some. I took this journey and found my way out of the prison I was in. I found the key, and I opened the door.

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