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Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Wedding

Year: 2000:  I met Michael, the man of my dreams in my mid thirty’s still heavy 220lbs, but not 280 lbs. That came later. I still had fat face, body, belly, etc. I was FAT. I WAS OBESE!! But I never really saw it in the mirror. You know what I mean. But this wonderful man fell in love with me anyways just the way I was. OMG! FAT and all.  I really couldn’t believe it that a well brought up educated European man nice looking as he was, really could love someone as fat as I was.  He had some weight issues as well, so he could relate to what I was going through. We were each other’s soul mate and by God’s Grace, we found each other, and made it final one year after we met. We were married in 2001.

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