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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Let the Weight Loss Begin..

Year: 2002.
Height: 5’3: Wt: 280lbs: BMI: 50: Pant size: 28: Tops=boobs Size: 24 or XXL (sometimes would still be tight) Bra: before breast reduction in 1988: 42 DDD/EE: After: 36 C. Foot size: 9, ring finger size: 10. This was my heaviest weight to date.
After being put on meds from my doctor to help me deal with anxiety, depression, and chronic back pain, I started to feel a bit better. When I went to work, the first thing I did was empty out my desk drawers of all the fattening crap I had. I filled 2 garbage cans..I didn’t really know HOW to get started, so I just got started. I first had to find out why I was OBESE to be able to battle it, to fight it, to change it. Genes, Genes, Genes I found out had a lot to do with the weight gain and ME not knowing when to put the FOOD down or just don’t eat it. It’s hard to fight genetics, but I can control what goes in my mouth. So I started reading about different diets. None worked for me before so I thought I would still give it a try. I tried EVERY SINGLE diet on the planet, but nothing worked.  So lo and behold, I found out why the diets never worked, because I WOULDN’T LET THEM WORK.  I was sabotaging every effort to lose weight. Medical professionals, constantly telling us we need to eat better and get more exercise to lose weight. They were all full of crap. I did all that and still gained weight…I was out to prove them wrong. Were they wrong? Well actually no, the medical professionals were correct.  So when I figured it out, I was determined not to take drugs to lose weight, not even over the counter diet pills. I had to take this DISEASE of OBESITY by the horns and not let it beat me. I had to own up to it to WIN. I was going to lose weight.

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