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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Boosting the Metabolism

Metabolism, as you know it, has to do with the efficiency of which your body digests food. Looking closer, metabolism is actually about how your entire body creates and expends energy; the great part of which, is that your metabolism is adjustable. Yes, some of us have a faster 'metabolism' than others, but what we forget is that if we work hard, and smart, we can make our own metabolism faster!

Every time you break a sweat, signals are sent around your body telling it to increase its metabolism, telling it to free up energy from specific sources within your body. The signals won't boost your metabolic processes very much, but its just enough so that if you were to break a bigger sweat, for a longer time, everyday of the week, then the difference will be much more noticable. What does this mean for us? Our activity levels, and more importantly Intensities, will dictate the rate of our metabolism. Since stored body fat is an energy source, the more we increase our metabolism, the more stored body fat will be used up while we rest & repair!

The 3 top influencers of your Metabolism....
1. Energy Expenditure - how hard are you pushing, how long are you pushing that hard, and how often does it happen?
2. Energy Consumption - what types of foods are you taking in, how much are you taking in, at what intervals are you taking them in?
3. Hydration Level - With a body that is properly Hydrated (1/2 your bodyweight in Ounces) it is able to process and signal as needed without delay.

So when you think of 'what it takes' to stay in shape, and to push yourself into better shape; remember that its going to take more than just Diet & Exercise, it also takes consistency. Consistency in your efforts to make better choices about what you put in your system, how often or how hard you exercise, and the regularity of your efforts.

Stay on track this week, Stay Hydrated all day, and plan ahead for this weekend so you aren't caught trying to 'bounce back' every Monday!

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