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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weekly Workout Routines and Keeping a Food Journal.

Weekly Workout Routines and Keeping a Food Journal. This is some of my workout routines I do on a daily basis. I also keep a food journal as it helps me keep track of what I am eating.

Monday: I Built my sandcastle today and the Bikini Strap. Love it. 30 min cardio. Breakfast was Greek Yogurt, chia seeds,cinnamon,apple. Lunch was Hummas & Veggies. Dinner: Quinoa with spinach,tomatoes, mustard dressing. :-)

Tuesday: Today I am going to do the "Beach Ball workout, followed by the Bikini-strap workout, followed by my 30 min of Cardio and some weight lifting. I stay prettty consistant with my 30 min of Cardio to burn fat and my weight lifting to keep my muscles strong and popping. Breakfast: Greek Yogurt with Bananas. Lunch/Dinner is undecided but knowing me Organic Green Salad pilled high of veggies and protein.

Wednesday: Had a great workout yesterday. Circut training, 30 min cardio, 30 min weight lifting. Breakfast: Yogurt w/bananas. Lunch: Spinach wrap with quinoa, salmon,tomatoes, acacados. Apple for snack. :-) down 7 lbs. :-)

Thursday: I did the Beach ball Workout today X 3. WOW! feel the burn and the Itty Bitty Bikini as my Booty Call.Had Quinoa and Eggs for Breakfast. Green Salad with Tempeh, cucumbers, tomatoes, basalmic Dressing. Nectarine and Larabar as a snack. :-) Working it girls. :-)

Friday: Did my Beach bum work out, plus did my booty call of 30 min on the rowing machine, 30 min cardio, and weight lifted for 30 min. I am pooped, but feel good. Breakfast consist of Egg omlet with Salmon. Lunch/Dinner will Green salad with Quinoa, cucumbers, orange pepper with basalmic dressing. Yummy!

Saturday: I tried the video, and loved it.& added in Itty Bitty Bikini for my Booty Call, 30 min of cardio, 30 min of weight lifting followed by Hot tub and hot & dry sauna. Snack: Larabar Key Lime Pie. OMG! Fantastic. Then had Organic Baby Spinach Salad organic strawberries, avacado, pumking seeds, and Pomegranate/Blueberry Vinaigrette dressing, followed by Grilled Valdalia onion. Oh so yummy!

I have a YouTube Channel. "SUPERLIONLILY" Please check my channel out for my video. I will also post it here. Thanks for watching my videos. More videos are coming so keep checking back.


  1. 30 minutes on the rowing machine! that thing kicks my ass i am luck to get in 10! way to go!

  2. I work the Rowing Maching so hard, I think I am going to break it. LOL! Thanks for checking in.


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